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Options Counseling


Exploring Long-Term Support Options:

What’s the Best Choice for You?

Options Counseling is a person-centered process embraced by our staff that focuses on working with individuals’ values and preferences to help seniors age with dignity.

Seniors and the those who help to care for them are often not aware of all the services and supports that are available. Options counseling focuses on exploring these long-term care options to help you to make the best choices for yourself.

Every person is unique; there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to meeting your needs. Options counselors receive specialized training to help them think ‘outside the box’ to support you - not your condition.

Based on an elder’s unique situation, counselors help individuals and their families to explore and evaluate the various options for long-term care that are available. Together, we work to make the choices that best meet your needs.

CVCOA counselors then help make those choices a reality by connecting you to the services that meet your needs.

Patient Ping

CVCOA will begin using the services of a new healthcare technology company to improve coordination of client services in real time.   Continuity of care in our modern healthcare system, where patients may have multiple medications and healthcare providers, may be challenging.  Patient Ping, a web application, sends real time notification (a “ping”) to providers associated with a patient alerting them to new hospital and nursing home admissions and discharges.  More...


If our elder client is admitted to a hospital on a weekend, they will typically receive care from providers with no medical and prescription drug history.  With Patient Ping, we will will be notified of an admission or discharge in real time and can quickly respond to coordinate communication and needed services. The patient (our client) authorizes sharing the information in advance. 


Through Patient Ping, our case managers will know in real time when an admission or discharge occurs, what hospital or facility is involved, and can support care coordination services accordingly.   Martha Ann Englert, CVCOA’s Director of Case Management Services noted, “Patient Ping will be instrumental in notifying us when clients are admitted to the hospital. Knowing this immediately, rather than depending on a relative or caregiver to tell us, will enable CVCOA case managers to act even more quickly on the client’s behalf and ensure smooth team work all around.”  


Call the Senior HelpLine at 1-800-642-5119 or email cvcoa@cvcoa.org to get connected with an options counselor.