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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates
Insurance / Medicare Counseling

Health Insurance / Medicare Counseling ("SHIP")

Central Vermont Council on Aging provides information, counseling, and assistance to all Medicare eligible persons under the auspices of the State Health Insurance & Assistance Program or “SHIP”.

Our staff counsels individuals and provides workshops to the public on Medicare. We can answer your questions about Medicare, private insurance plans, supplemental insurance plans, and Vermont State insurance programs. We offer regularly scheduled “Medicare & You"” workshops to the public in locations convenient to you. Here are the programs we offer:

Health Insurance Counseling is available to answer your questions about Medicare or other insurance plans, including the Vermont State programs. We can also guide you through your online enrollment.

Medicare Prescription Plan D Enrollment Appointments October - December.  Call 479-0531 for an appointment.

Medicare Workshops are offered regularly to help individuals who are new to the Medicare system.

We are pleased to announce CVCOA is now offering two “Medicare & You Workshop” sessions remotely using Zoom.  If you want to participate, pre-register with us by calling (802)479-0531 or mailto:[email protected].  When you call to register, you will receive information on how to join in the workshop session on Zoom. Here are the dates and times:

                                         Tuesday April 21, 1 pm – 3 pm

                                         Tuesday May 19,  1 pm -3 pm