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November 22, 2021 CVCOA 2.5 min read

Vermont ABLE Library

Vermont ABLE Library: What Is It? How Do I Sign Up?

Did you know there’s a library serving all of Vermont that is made up of Audio, Braille, Large-Print, and Electronic books? That’s right! And, not just books! The Vermont ABLE library offers free access to all genres of large-print and digital talking books, print braille picture books and audio-described DVDs to any Vermonter who may be prevented from reading standard print.  

This library offers resources you may not see at your local library, like the talking book, a device that looks like this:  
The device takes a book cartridge (remember audio cassettes?) and has easy-to-use buttons for playing through the narrated book out loud. This device has speaker and headphone capabilities, and it can also play books that have been downloaded and stored to it.  

The talking book is just one example of the accessibility resources offered by ABLE library.  

Those interested may access the application at

Print out the application and begin filling it out. The form lists all types of materials available for patrons with brief explanations of what different devices do, like the NFB Newsline Service, described as a telephone newspaper service (have the news read to you over the phone!). 

Next, connect with your physician or other certifying authority, who can verify eligibility for ABLE library services. The application lists appropriate certifying authorities, which may differ based on the reason for eligibility. 

Once completed, send your application to Barb Asen, who can review applications and recommend to ABLE for approval: 
Barb Asen,Director of Family Caregiver Support  
Central Vermont Council On Aging 
59 N Main St, Suite 200 
Barre, VT 05641 

Or, email the scanned document to [email protected].  

While the ABLE library is housed at the Vermont State Library in Barre, patrons may receive free, postage-paid delivery of resources to their homes, and may also  work with their local library to request materials, as well.   

For questions about ABLE library, you can call: (802) 636-0020, or call toll-free: (800) 479-1711.  
For other questions related to aging services, call the Central Vermont Council on Aging Helpline at 1-800-642-5119.