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October 06, 2020 CVCOA 1 min read

Governor Signs Older Vermonters Act!

Governor Phil Scott signed the Older Vermonters Act (H.611).  This bill codifies principles for a comprehensive and coordinated system of services for older Vermonters and clarifies roles of area agencies on aging and the state. The Older Vermonters Act establishes the State of Vermont’s commitment to a coordinated system of services and supports for older Vermonters, with a list of principles to be adhered to, a requirement for annual plans, a focus on individuals with the greatest need, and the creation of a self-neglect working group. As you know, we need to ensure that the state is committed to supporting Vermonters as they age. This Older Vermonters Act establishes that commitment in law. This is an important step forward for Vermont and hope you will join us in celebrating this important milestone.  To read the full text of the new Older Vermonter’s Act, go to H.611