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Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee


CVCOA Advisory Council

The Advisory Council advises CVCOA on all matters relating to the development of the area plan, the administration of the plan, and operations conducted under the plan. The Advisory Council consists of:

  • older individuals who are eligible or participate in Older Americans Act programs
  • family caregivers of such individuals
  • representatives of older individuals
  • service providers
  • representatives of the business community
  • local elected officials
  • providers of veterans’ health care
  • members of the general public

Current CVCOA Senior Advisory Council members:

Bill Doyle
Patsy French
Theresa Gay
Peter Jungkunst
James McDade
Judy Santamore
Vickie Chaffee
Germaine LaRoche
Sharon Bernard
Connie Hamel
Rich Atkinson
John Castaldo
John Gardner